Printing Methods


Meet Emma


LETTERPRESS PRINTING is a centuries old printing method in which ink and metal type (now-a-days photo-polymer plates) meet the printing surface with literally a ton of pressure.The result is a beautiful impression or “deboss” that can be seen and felt. In the past theprinter’s aim was to “kiss” the paper, leaving no detectable trace of the actual printing method. Now a deep impression is the only way to know that it was produced in such a painstakingmanner. Emilee’s Chandler and Price Letterpress hails from 1929, an era of industry and amazing fashion. But don’t let her dainty handmade goodies fool you, she’s a heavy piece ofcast iron (weighing in at over 1050 lbs.) Each sheet of paper is hand-fed through the press one at a time and each color is hand mixed and requires its own setup and run.

Letterpress printing is ideal for dark ink printing on light paper (or on occasion, metallic on dark paper) and clean layouts with minimal solid areas. These are by no means set laws, but just one particular equation that makes this printing method excel. Letterpress is an art, not a science, and that’s what Emilee loves about it! It DOES mean there will be slight variations in color, ink coverage, and impression between individual pieces. The antique printing presses won’t produce absolutely identical results as each run evolves, but they will create beautiful character-filled stationery that you can treasure for ages.

Digital Printing

FLAT PRINTING is another great option for printing invitations and accessory pieces. Oftentimes, it is used for variable data, envelopes and escort cards,full color illustrations, watercolor graphics,envelope liners and enclosures, and anything elsewith a tremendous amount of text like ceremony programs. Emilee has also mastered digital flatprinting on handmade paper to create a simplisticand elegant look. Many invitation designs mix and coordinate both the flat lay printing method and letterpress method to create a uniquely coordinated suite. Emilee will use her expertise toguide you through the best printing method for each piece in your suite.