Q: How much will it cost to have my envelopes, place cards, or seating chart calligraphed?

A: Please send Emilee an inquiry requesting her Calligraphy Information & Pricing Guide. For most projects, Emilee’s pricing includes custom ink color choices, font selections, and coordination at no extra fees. This pricing guide will also include Emilee’s current pricing on cost-saving options like her return address and reply envelope printing. On average, Emilee’s clients pay between $300-$700 for addressing 100 envelope suites. For Emilee’s Custom Stationery clients, calligraphy addressing is included in her packages!

Q: Do you offer ink color or font customization?

A: Yes! Emilee has her standard font options, but she loves creating beautiful and timeless options for each of her clients. Emilee is all about unique and creativity! If you have a fun or unique option, Emilee would love to entertain it! More often than not, Emilee will provide you with a fun option to coordinate.


Q: How long will it take until my envelopes are finished?

A: Typically, Emilee requires at least 3 weeks to address your envelopes. Any turnaround faster than that, may be assessed an additional 50% rush fee. On average, Emilee’s addressing clients book her at least 2-4 months in advance.

Q: Can you print my return address or reply address on my envelopes?

A: Yes! Emilee offers digital printing in any custom color coordination, including white (eek!) and vintage letterpress printing. Emilee will also offer hand calligraph return addressing, however, digital printing is a great way to minimize expenses, coordinate your font style, and get complete personalization! Please mention any printing requests in your inquiry to Emilee.

Q: How do I submit addresses, names, and info for envelope calligraphy addressing, seating charts, place cards, and other projects?

A: For envelope addressing, place cards, seating charts, and other wedding projects, Emilee will email you a link to upload your completed Guest Info Excel File. You may download this file below or via the link Emilee will provide in that email. Please fill out your text EXACTLY as you wish the information to appear on your project. Emilee will calligraph text as provided, so please make sure to proof-read before submitting. (The “Find and Replace” function under Edit is a great way to quickly correct some of the above mentioned errors if needed!) Client may be responsible for a $125 edit/reformatting fee if Emilee has to correct any of the mistakes mentioned above. Please proof and re-proof in order to avoid this! Emilee would rather spend the time calligraphing your pieces as opposed to sitting at a computer desk making these corrections. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Emilee; she is more than happy to assist to make sure the process as easy for you as possible!

Photo: Aileen Fretz

Photo: Aileen Fretz

Q: I need help with wedding addressing etiquette! Do you have any suggestions, tips, or tricks you can provide me?

A: For your reference, Emilee provides examples, etiquette rules, and other specific directions in her Guest Info Excel Template. Another great reference is The Emily Post Institute. A few important tips:

  • Tip #1: Remember, all guests invited must be listed on the inner envelope (if using one) or mailing envelope, kids included! So if a person or child’s name is omitted from the mailing envelope or the inner envelope, this informs guests that these people are not invited.

  • Tip #2: Using an ‘and’ or ampersand between two guests’ names dictates marriage. So unmarried or engaged couples, or children should either have their names written on a separate line or be separated by a comma. Other phrases like ‘and family’ or ‘and guests’ are appropriate for addressing formalities as well.